How to Join – Discord

Invitation Link to Discord Server:

Hello Drivers ! We are about to launch our changings. We will move from old fashioned TeamSpeak to new Discord channel. TeamSpeak causing sometimes problems, that’s why we are moving to the future! 🙂

Discord allowing for us much more stuff to do, it’s like small SocialMedia for Gamers. Ive (Ade) already using Discord for couple of weeks, and iam in love with it – We got there soo many new options and stuff to do with our leagues and management, chat, news sections, voice servers and much more ! It will help us all gather racing, chat about racing league and other stuff – We can just grow more with Discord !

1. Discord – Step by Step installation/login/management

First of all you need to go to the Discord Page:

Click ” Download for Windows ” and start the installation process – you can also go to ” Open Discord ” – it’s a browser version if you are currently not on your personal PC at this moment.

2. After you sucessfully installed discord – now we can start doing marvelouse things!

Launch Discord ( your language should be set automatically, for me it’s Polish lang, but with photos you will easly get thru this )

Click the Registration button to start filling registration form and create your account !

After you will fill poles, and hit that ” Next ” magic button – the Magic comes true.

You will be now redirected to Discod panel and the first window will appear.

It will ask you if you want to start your own new Server or you want to join – It that case i would ask you to hit ‘ Join to Server ‘ and you will join our Fragmaster’s LFS Racing League Server.

Now it’s best part – you need an invitation ling to our server – soo here it is:


Copy and paste this link to Invitation Pole and click JOIN ! That’s It – You are in our channel !

After a while when you will check how many thing we can do here i can tell you some tips.

On left side we have Voice Channels, And Text Channels. On Text Channels we will disqus some things, chat with us all, write some questions about league, or anything else! On Voice Channels we will have our reagular Race Day – soo when we will change to Discord – this channels will be to join when the Race Day will come !

Second one is your name and some voice settings. Hit that options button (left down corner) to see your settings you can change.

Your settings panel will reveal and now we can change some stuff.

Click on your ‘ Edit profile ‘ to check if you name is correct:

Here you can change your name on Discord – soo please – SET EQUAL like in LFS – it will make us better to finding people here in discord, and compare to LFS connection list

Second urgent case is your voice recording and hearing devices. Click on the left sidebar – Audio and Video

Here we can change you recording device, and playing device. You should set here you best option or hardware that you got in you pc/laptop or anything.

Down below you can see loves TeamSpeak option – Push to talk button. We are recomending that soo set you push to talk button. Voice recognition is good and bad, propably we will hear all race what you are doing soo its not an best idea to do that 🙂

After that you will see some yellow dot’s and few hips from Discord crew will show up, now you can search and check all stuff we got there !



Cheers / Adebayor