GTi 2018 Series

[FM] Fragmaster’s GTi Thursday 2018 Season!

After such a great first inaugration season 2017 we are pleased to annouce next FM’s GTi Thursdays Season which will be held in whole 2018 Season. Every Thursday we will ghater to race with most fastest and greatest drives lefted in whole LFS community. Please read the rules below to be familiar in this new formula of racing!

Season 2018 is brought to you by:

[SR] SonicrealmsRacing

(FM) Fragmaster

Teho GP

B2R Born 2 Race


Every Thursday:

19:00 UTC Session start
19:30 UTC Qualification (approximate time)
20:00 UTC Race (1h, approximate time)

Points System:
1st – 20 pts
2nd – 18 pts
3d – 16 pts
4th – 14 pts
5th – 12 pts
6th – 10 pts
7th – 9 pts
8th – 8 pts
9th – 7 pts
10th – 6 pts
11th – 5 pts
12th – 4 pts
13th – 3 pts
14th – 2 pts
15th – 1 pts
Pole Position – 1 pts
Fastest Lap – 1 pts
Highest Climber – 1 pts

Our regulations are very simple and lets you enjoy what is the most important in our events: racing and meeting your friends! Only remember the following:

General Conditions:

  • In order to race you need to have Discord and to join our channel – invitation link: ( you don’t need mic, only listen )
  • No sign-up needed.
  • Race takes place at (FM) GTi Thursday host Live For Speed
  • The server will be password protected before the Qualifications, so come early enough to join us. You can also ask the password in Discord.
  • Race clean, respect other drivers.
  • Misbehaving might end up with ban


Race Conditions:

  • Every Race lenght will be set to achieve aproximetly 1 hour race (laps depends on track)
  • One mandatory pitstop in each race
  • Qualifications: Race Director Calling every driver to do his 1 Hot Lap in Qualifing mode ( 1 outlap, 1 hot lap, spectate.)
  • Next track/car is picked by a winner of previous event ( conditions: Same track, but diffrent configurations can be picked only 2 times in a row – for example BL1 -> BL2 -> AS2. Track can’t be picked the same in 3 or higher times in a row
  • S3 License including Rockhingam track is allowed to pick in 2018 Season
  • Cars is picking by a winner of previous event ( Aviable picks separete XFG and XRG or you can chose both cars )
  • BC is disabled and forbidden
  • Points are calculated in new form to get highest 15 places paid in earned points to overall Championship
  • Higher Climber, Pole Position sitter and Fastest Lap are the same in earned points – 1pts
  • Crossing Yellow line when entering or exiting pits will cause penalty points or warning added to overall standings, peanlty points depends on scale drivers crossed the yellow lane
  • Calims – Everyone who caused crash, missbehavior or anything disturbing in race – Please post in site, or forum and explain what happend – every claim will be resolved by admin’s with futher actions taken by a specific type of claim
  • You can enter to our championship only with one name/lfslicence – if you will switch names, propably it can do nothing in standings/earning coins but it can ends with a ban.
  • Cheating and using third party programms to achieve advantage will end up with ban


  • Amount in pot for 2018 GTi Thursday 2018 Season – 300$
  • Each Driver in TOP3 positions earning a ‘ GTi coins ‘ which after end of the season will be payed in cash via paypal ( paypal is the only method to be paid )
  • GTi coins points: 1st – 3 GTi coins / 2nd – 2 GTi coins / 3d – 1 GTi coins
  • Actual value for 1 GTi coin – 1$
  • In the end of the season there will be a special gifts for each place in overall standings
  • 1st in overall standings GTi 2018 Season Championship – 50$ bonus
  • 2nd in overall standings GTi 2018 Season Championship – 25$ bonus
  • 3d in overall standings GTi 2018 Season Championship – 10$ bonus
  • GTi coin status for each driver will be posted after each race with Race results and reviews.
  • Please be adviced that we are curenttly looking for another prizes from sponsors – fo example a vouchers for platforms like G2A, GOG, Steam etc – If we will be able to place some new prizes, we will inform you and put new prizes.