GTi 2017 Championship 21.09.2017 FE4/XRG – Review!

GTi Thursday takes the XRG to Fern Bay Black for 15 thrilling laps of racing. [AA] Mikke starts from pole and and opens up a big lead on the field. Behind him it’s B2R expr running second but under constant pressure from [FU]King, Fast, MTDX Arska. expr retires his B2R car as he rolls in the middle chicane. After all the pitstops it’s Mikke with a dominant drive for the win, and claims the Fastest Lap with a 3:11.25. [FU]King pits from second and returns in second, but with FasT all over him. FasT has already completed his pitstop. Great battle ensues as King holds off FasT for 5 laps of bumper to bumper racing Eventually FasT gets by King to claim 2nd, [FU]King settles for close third. Great racing everyone, with action everywhere. [AA] Mikke chioces the XFG at SO4R. Have a great week guys !! track is loaded. PEACE / Frass

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