FOX 2018 Series


(FM) Fragmaster’s FOX Friday 2018!

Fox Friday is an ongoing league of (FM) Fragmaster that takes place every Friday. All races in a year form a yearly championship which has been held since 2010.

You can find the instructions and results here on this page. You are more than welcome to race with us!



Every Friday:

19:00 UTC Session start
19:30 UTC Qualification (approximate time)
20:00 UTC Race (1h 15 min, approximate time)


Our regulations are very simple and lets you enjoy what is the most important in our events: racing and meeting your friends! Only remember the following:

  • In order to race you need to have Teamspeak and to join our channel at
  • No sign-up needed.
  • Race takes place at (FM) Fox Friday server
  • The server will be password protected before the qualification, so come early enough to join us. You can also ask the password in Teamspeak.
  • Race clean, respect other drivers.
  • One mandatory pitstop.
  • Points are calculated as in F1, extra point for pole, FL and HC.
  • Misbehaving might end up with ban.