Discord – Step by Step Installation/Guide

Hello Guys – Here you can see Step by Step how to join our new Discord Channel for those who never ever reached Discord yet.

Please start to install and join our Fragmaster’s LFS Racing League Server – in guide you got all info how to do this!

Also be adviced that future races are going still in old formula – with TeamSpeak.

If we will gather almost all drivers on Discord – we will set ‘ countdown timer ‘ to switching into Discord.

Cheers Guys


2 thoughts on “Discord – Step by Step Installation/Guide”

  1. Need a bit of help with this:
    I’ve installed it on my desktop, registered it, everything works well…. but…. I don’t get any desktop shortcut nor I can’t find it anywhere installed on my comp, even though it is running absolutely fine as I’m typing this. Just want to know how to start it next time when I need it. Any suggestions?

    1. Found it… goddammit…. it’s in AppData/local/Discord/app-0.0.300…. perfectly logical place…. and search couldn’t find is :S

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