6th Event GTi Championship WE2/XRG Review

26 XRGs line up for the challenge of GTi Thusday WE2. After the first lap it’s polesitter AA Mikke leading Dzidoris and the battles begin.Lots of drivers want to get clean air and pit on lap 1. Some of the early pitters included [FU] King, Redbot, TAM curry and MRC finUK. King and curry fight their way into the top 10. BRM Fantom was in the middle of action the whole race. It’s AA Mikke getting the checkered flag and sets the Fastest Lap. Picking up 2nd is FasT and B2R Storm is able to hold off his teammate exp to finish 3rd. Another thrilling event guys, 23 drivers were able to finish the race. AA Mikke selects both cars at BL2R. Track is loaded. Have a super week guys !! PEACE / “Fras”

Standings are uploaded, Mikke still got the lead in overall – is this someday will change ? 🙂 / Adee

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